This Unique Eye Rescue Dog Is Winning Hearts Across the Internet

The internet has a soft spot for animals, and it’s no surprise that a new, distinctive canine member has recently captured the hearts of many. Lucky, a 2-year-old Thai rescue dog, is making waves online due to his unique appearance that has some people wondering if he’s a Photoshopped creation.

Lucky is indeed a lucky find for anyone, boasting a face that seems to blend elements of a typical Chihuahua mix with a touch of James Bond villain charm.

This Unique Eye Rescue Dog Is Winning Hearts Across the Internet

Charice Fca Cha, the 29-year-old new owner of Lucky, shared her story with Bored Panda, explaining how she stumbled upon this charming canine character. “I saw a Facebook post stating that Lucky needed a new home. I immediately contacted the owner to inquire about adopting this adorable dog. Despite his unique appearance, I felt he was a perfect and incredibly special addition to my family.”

Little did Charice know that when she posted a picture of Lucky on a Facebook group for dog owners, it would garner a whopping 11,000 likes and over 600 comments in less than three weeks. But the reason for Lucky’s newfound fame becomes evident upon closer inspection.

Lucky sports captivating brown eyes with a thick, arched eyebrow that gives him a perpetual look of judgment or contemplation about world domination. He also possesses one striking pale blue eye that seems like it can pierce right into your soul. And, contrary to what some might think, that stunning brow was not the result of a permanent marker or Photoshop.

This Unique Eye Rescue Dog Is Winning Hearts Across the Internet

“Some people can’t believe that he’s a real dog with eyebrows. They assume I photoshopped him or used a permanent marker to draw on his face. It’s hard for them to imagine a dog with a perfectly arched eyebrow above a blue eye,” Charice remarked.

Lucky, despite his peculiar appearance, is a fairly healthy pup. People often question whether he can see due to his unique condition called heterochromia, but Charice reassures them that he is not blind and has perfect vision.

Currently adjusting to his new permanent home, Lucky is learning to both give and receive love from people. Charice notes that his adjustment period involves some naughty behavior, hyperactivity, fearfulness, and wariness of sounds and people. However, he also exhibits tremendous affection, liveliness, intelligence, and the occasional display of obedience.

This Unique Eye Rescue Dog Is Winning Hearts Across the Internet

To help Lucky develop his social skills and address his behavior, Charice plans to enroll him in obedience school. Despite the challenges, she believes that Lucky has all the qualities needed for success. Charice even set up social media accounts for Lucky to share snippets of his daily life with his newfound global fanbase.

It’s truly fascinating to see the various scenarios people have imagined for Lucky’s unique appearance. One thing is certain: Lucky’s distinctive charm has already earned him a special place in the hearts of many.

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